About Me

I am an evolutionary biologist who is interested in evolutionary theory, morphometrics and paleobiology, particularly regarding conceptualizing organismal variation and exploring plasticity-led evolution.

I completed my masters and PhD at Uppsala University. For my master’s degree I worked with stem and crown group dynamics. During my PhD I developed and employed morphometric methods to explore morphological variation in the fossil record in order to approach evolutionary concepts such as speciation, genetic canalization, genetic assimilation and plasticity-led evolution in a palaeontological context. I worked with Cambrian trilobite-like arthropods and helcionelloid molluscs.

I spent two years as a postdoctoral fellow with the Uller Lab at Lund University where I worked on Anolis lizards, mapping their morphological variation in order to understand potential underlying developmental bias and consequent plasticity-led evolution.

I worked with the Kemp Lab for 1½ years at the University of Texas at Austin studying the morphological variation and evolutionary radiation of the Anolis lizards.

Here you can read about my past and current research projects, research interests, publications and contact details.